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Looking for used phones?

Check out our current stock or contact us. We have lots of used handsets for sale. Our mobile phones come from Europe. They are all tested and are physically available at our warehouse. Therefore you know what you are buying. We give you a chance to buy used mobile phones and resell them at your own market. If you have any questions contact us. We will create a special offer for you!


elcome to Used Phones Wholesale where we bring you the best used mobile phones on the market. You can contact us if you need any further details on our current stocks.


e offer used mobile phones with european specification. We provide the biggest selection of quality second hand handsets. Our main goal is to provide the best supply of used mobile phones that are to be recycled or refurbished. We ship our goods worldwide, we have an extensive network of business partners on all continets. We mainly sell used mobile phones to countries in Africa, Asia and both Americas. We have a lot of experience in making deliveries to UK, France, China, Saudi Arabia.


f you value reliability, professionalism, honesty and experience in business, then We are the perfect partner for you. We can guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you asked for.

refurbished mobile phones

Refurbished mobile phones

We can provide you with bulk quantitites of rufurbished mobile phones. If you are looking to expand your own stock, offer your customers cheap and reliable products from the best brands refurbished mobile phones are one way of doing so.

recycled mobile phones

Recycled mobile phones

Our warehauses are full of used mobile phone that have been recycled in order to provide a solid devices fit for their purposes. We are dealing with recycled phones from easter european countries. Recycled mobile phones provide full functionality at a good price.

second hand mobile phones

Second hand mobile phones

We offer 2nd hand mobile phones. We are working hard on gathering used and no longer important mobile phones from their owners.

Great stock

Great stock

We aim at providing you with the biggest quantities of used mobile phones. 95% of our stock is coming from Europe. We deal in cheap as well as in high end models.



We are one of the biggest players on the European GSM market. Our company’s history dates back to 2001. We are operating in all branches of the GSM market.



We offer you only those mobile phones that had met our criteria. Additionally from time to time we can provivde special offers of damaged phones for recycling. We have conduced business with many partners from all around the globe.


e are proud to offer used mobile phones coming form the biggest and most popular international carriers.T-mobile, Orange, AT&T, Sprint, Virgin Mobile and so on.