How do we grade used mobile phones?

Before we can sell you an used mobile phone, it has to be thoroughly examined by our qualified staff. We need to be sure that our stock will meet your expectations. Satisfaction of our customers is very important for us as we believe, that long-term partnerships are the key to success in business. Therefore we have prepared a system of testing and grading of all mobile devices that enter our company, so that you can be certain that the product will have an accurate description and a proper price.

All phones are chcecked in order to meet the following cirteria:

  • phone has to turn ON and OFF without any problems
  • we check on possible simlock state
  • the overall condition of the display is examined, we check if the display is clean, colours are ok and if there arent any bad pixels
  • we test the microphone
  • we test the speaker and loudspeaker
  • the vibration of the phone must be OK
  • we check whether the camera is working
  • we perform a test call on each and every of our mobile phones
  • we also check the battery condition and charging
  • smartphones also are checked on wi-fi connectivity, gyroscopes and accelerometers
  • on newer devices we as well check, if they are not blacklisted nor bloked

Grade A

  • Devices in very good condition
  • Minimal, if any signs of usage
  • A Grade Phone

    Grade B

  • Devices in good condition
  • Light signs of usage
  • No missing parts
  • B Grade Phone

      Grade C

    • Devices in average condition
    • Obvious signs of everyday usage
    • Deeper scratches are possible
    • No missing parts
    • C Grade Phone

      Grade D

    • Devices in poor condition
    • „Brutal” signs of heavy, everyday usage
    • Some parts might be missing (except for back covers)
    • Cracks in corpses are possible
    • NO cracks in touch panels
    • LCD’s might have discolorations
    • D Grade Phone