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We are constantly expanding our stock. See what phones do we currently offer.

Untested phones. Price per unit can get as low as:

0,80 EUR

  • Phones may be working fine.
  • Phones may be condemned
  • Phones are sold as a broken devices
  • Price depends on amount ordered
  • Minimum order quantity is 100 pieces

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Fully tested mobile phones from:

3,00 EUR

  • Graded stock : A/B/C/D
  • Phones turn on
  • LCD is fully functional
  • Tested on crucial functions
  • Simfree
  • Blacklist checked

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Partially tested phones from:

2,00 EUR

  • MOQ 20 units
  • Blacklist checked
  • FRP/ Simlock unlocked
  • Great bargain prices
  • Great source of parts

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We are constantly expanding our stock, every day there is a delivery of a new portion of used mobile phones from EU market.



e are dealing with large quantities of mobile phones, althought we keep excellent track of our stock. The exact amounts of devices changes daily, therefore if you want an exact list, please contact us and We’ll provide you with the most up-to-date list availible.