Our offer

Highest quality service and the best used mobile phones on the market.

Quality used handsets

We provide pre-tested 100% functional mobile phones. Each and every one phone has been turned on, had it’s display and microphone checked. A test call has also been performed.

  • Phones are working.
  • Phones have been tested.
  • Each phone has been given a grade depending on it’s overall quality.

International business partner

Great service

We put a lot of effort in providing the best customer experience on the market.

  • We can show you a photo of the phones.
  • You can visit us in our domicile and check the phones yourself.
  • We offer good shipping prices.
  • We offer great customer support by dedicated team members.

Professional service

Safety & Experience

We are a market leader in recycling used mobile phones in Eastern Europe.

  • We have a lot of experience on the GSM market.
  • We offer the biggest and most diverse stock of used mobile phones.
  • All offered phones are subject to our grading system.

Sucessfull business